The 2014 Toyota Tacoma is expected to come out on sale until the end of the year. It will feature plenty of advancement concerning exterior and interior design, high tech equipment, engine and fuel economy. But the most impatiently waited improvement is the addition of new colors in its standard palette.

2014 Toyota Tacoma colors1

2014 Toyota Tacoma colors palette

As we have already seen, the regular Tacoma palette includes the following colors: Super White, Spruce Mica and Mica. However, we suppose that the most popular ones are Black, Barcelona red metallic and Silver Streak. Furthermore, we mustn’t forget to mention the shades, such as Magnetic Gray metallic, Nautical Blue metallic and Pyrite Mica. As we have already said, all these enumerated colors will have its stable position in the palette choice of the 2014 Toyota Tacoma. Nevertheless, the other nuances that we can see in this new pick-up truck are Sandy Beach Metallica and Sizzling Crimson Mica. Even though the 2014 Toyota Tacoma will have a large range of colors, we assume that some customers would prefer some other colors that cannot be found in its color palette.

2014 Toyota Tacoma colors2

2014 Toyota Tacoma interior colors

Unfortunately, one of the biggest disadvantages of the previous model is the only one color option for the interior of the vehicle, and that is the Graphite Cloth. We hope that the 2014 Toyota Tacoma will be offered in some other color options but this one. We are sure that all the potential customers will be delighted by the variety of the interior colors. But it is all up to the Japanese automaker if it will surprise people worldwide by fixing this big shortcoming.

2014 Toyota Tacoma colors3

At the end, we must add that all the efforts of the Japanese manufacturer to embellish the 2014 Toyota Tacoma have had quite an impact on its price. It will be increased a little, and it will range from $ 18.825 to $ 28.585.

2014 Toyota Tacoma colors4

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