The 2014 Toyota Tacoma will give a lot of pleasure and comfort while driving when it comes out on the market later this year, somewhere around September or October, at some of the Auto Shows. The reasons for these enjoyments are lots of new and improved on the 2014 Toyota Tacoma specifications.

2014 Toyota Tacoma specifications1

2014 Toyota Tacoma specifications of design

The overall weight will be much lighter thanks to employment of high strength steel. As customers complained about the size of the fuel tank, the Japanese automaker fixed this inconvenience and made it quite bigger. General exterior design of this mid-size truck will be much more aggressive and streamlined. Along with standard colors in the color palette, there will be some new ones added. The palette will include following nuances: Pyrite Mica, Sizzling Crimson Mica, Sandy Beach Metallic, Super White, Silver Streak, Barcelona red metallic, Black, Magnetic Gray metallic, Nautical Blue metallic and Spruce Mica. As for the interior, the 2014 Toyota Tacoma will feature some new high technology equipment, such as the 9″ LCD screen, a new entertainment system with Blue-ray, DVD navigation system with touch screen, Laser Control Cruiser and two wireless headphones. Furthermore, quality of the interior materials will be of a much better quality.

2014 Toyota Tacoma specifications3

2014 Toyota Tacoma specifications of engine

According to some reports, the 2014 Toyota Tacoma will replace its regular 4.0 L V 6 engine with the 4.6 L and 5.7 L engines. Moreover, the old 2.7 L 4 – cylinder engine will have an upgraded production- 190 hp and 200 lb-ft of torque instead of 159 hp and 180 lb-ft of torque. All the engines will have an option of mating to a five-speed manual transmission or six-speed automatic transmission, and to the rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. Also, another improvement is an exchange of the hydraulic pump for more efficient electric motor.

2014 Toyota Tacoma specifications4

The price for the 2014 Toyota Tacoma will start from only $ 18,000 and it will increase depending on the trim and equipment.

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